Strength-based ADHD Coaching Helps Students Succeed

If you are a High School or College student who has AD/HD, you can benefit from supportive/ strengths-based coaching. I work with teens and young adults by coming alongside you and partnering with you to help you articulate personal and/or academic goals and then help you put strategies in place to achieve them. Once we have discussed what you would like in the future, I encourage you to experiment with various approaches in order to move from where you are to where you want to be. I ask you if we can set up an accountability system – if you commit to make changes during the week will you allow me to ask you what you did about those commitments in the next coaching session. This provides you an opportunity to reflect, learn, celebrate progress, and address issues and barriers as you encounter them week-to-week.

As a coach, I make it a point to find out what academic, athletic, musical, artistic and/or social skills you have and enjoy. Throughout the coaching engagement I encourage you, my client, to develop your strengths and engage in activities that you are passionate about. Nurturing your talents and spending time immersed in things that interest you, helps you grow and become more of the person that you were meant to be. Knowing that you can allot time to do the things that you love can provide you with an added boost to keep working on the areas that trip you up and persevere through the more difficult and/ or tedious aspects of the high school and college curriculum.

Basically AD/HD Coaching Includes:

  • Customized strategies to address daily challenges.
  • Trying to find systems to cope with daydreaming, hyperactivity, distractedness & impulsivity.
  • Partnering with the student to set up structure and support systems. (If the student is in high school this discussion includes the parents.)
  • Helping the student access support services at school. (Parents are involved at the high school level and when transitioning to college.)


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