Career Planning Information & Resources for Parents

Robin Roman Wright has a passion for helping teens and young adults launch into the world of work. She offers career coaching and career planning resources that helps teens and young adults identify their gifts and talents and then identify where, in the world of work, they can make a positive contribution.

Today’s information technology careers require higher education and training. But, only 29% of people under 30 have a bachelor’s degree. Fewer than half the students admitted to college graduate. Many high school and college graduates have no career plan or resources; they experience a sense of failure, drifting through jobs that are not satisfying. In addition, college costs are higher than they have ever been. As a result, many of today’s college graduates leave school with major debt without career planning resources. “About 33 percent of college graduates leave school not just in debt but in serious financial difficulty.”

Young adults need to investigate their career prospects, build professional networks, use career planning resources and consider the amount of debt that they are incurring, while they are still in school.Coaching helps young adults and gives them the career planning resources to follow their dreams and build career resiliency in the face of an increasingly complex and changing world.

Robin Roman Wright gives your teen or young adult the career planning resources that will help them discover and clearly articulate his or her talents and skills. She uses tried and true exploration exercises and career information to provide a supportive and intellectually stimulating counseling experience. Your son or daughter will be encouraged to reflect on career options, evaluate various educational opportunities and resources, and develop an action plan to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Many parents want to know that their teen or young adult will be prepared for the world of work and will be able to launch independently into life. Individual career coaching with Robin Roman Wright will give your son or daughter the career planning resources and allow them the opportunity to identify and then leverage strengths as he or she negotiates the school-to-career transition.

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Career Coaching provided via telephone or in person. 
Out-of-State and International clients welcome.

Wonder whether career counseling services would help your son or daughter get in action and move forward? You can request a complimentary 15-minute informational session.

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