ADHD Career Coach for Teens and Young Adults

The best way to change a life of frustration into a life of mastery is by developing talents and strengths, not just shoring up weaknesses.

Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., Psychiatrist specializing in ADD/ADHD
John J. Ratey, M.D., Harvard Professor, Author, ADD/ADHD Specialist

ADHD Coaching Techniques

Robin Roman Wright, a highly experienced ADHD Coach, uses a 7-step process to help teens and young adults with ADHD find fulfilling careers. Important first steps include:

  • Identifying strengths.
  • Determining the environments in which a young person thrives.

This is true for all young adults. However, for those who have been diagnosed with ADHD, it is critical.
Young adults with ADHD need an opportunity to reflect on the problems that they have solved in their lives, the things that they are proud of, and the challenges that they have overcome. ADHD Coaching can help students, who often experience failure in school settings, uncover the gifts and talents that they can bring to the world of work. These are strengths that might not be valued in a traditional school setting but that will stand them in good stead in a work situation. Once identified through ADHD coaching, students can use this knowledge as they write college applications, interview for summer jobs or internships, and as they compete for their first job.

Misconceptions Regarding Finding Meaningful Work

Our ADHD Coach has found that many clients diagnosed with ADHD are misinformed about the career search process. Clients have said the following:

  • I have ADHD, my limitations and “disability” will prevent me from finding meaningful work.
  • I don’t have any relevant gifts, talents or skills.
  • I may have some strengths but my shortcomings, due to ADHD, will outweigh my strengths.
  • I can find the most suitable jobs from the “Want Ads” or online job banks.

The Reality of Finding Fulfilling Work Through ADHD Coaching

  • Develop self-awareness and recognize how to avoid or compensate for limitations.
  • Use tried and true methods from our ADHD coach to figure out the gifts that you have to offer the world of work.
  • Learn where work-related strengths would be valued by employers.
  • Apply alternative job search strategies, such as networking, in order to find fulfilling work.

Interested in ADHD Coaching?

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