Group Career Coaching

Robin Roman Wright offers two group career development webinars for college students and young adults in their twenties:

1. Market Yourself: Writing the Resume and Acing the Interview – An educational group career development experience to help the senior in college, or college educated, job seeker market themselves to prospective employers.

2. First Impressions: An educational group career coaching experience to help anyone 20 -29 who has just started a new job learn the performance requirements of the job, quickly, and demonstrate competence in his or her first three months.

Group Coaching Program Descriptions

1. “Market Yourself: Writing a Resume and Acing the Interview”

  • The basics – how hiring works.
  • How your resume can help you get a good job.
  • What you need to think about in order to write a good resume.
  • What employers look for when they interview.
  • Practice opportunities –
    • Starting the interview
    • Answering 5 – 10 important questions
    • Closing the interview.
    • Following-up after the interview, especially if you want the job.

For this group career coaching session, Robin Roman Wright will give you an overview of the process for writing a resume and acing the interview. Robin has extensive experience helping job seekers prepare to launch their job search. Understand the value of carefully planning your job search, tailoring your resume to the desired employer’s needs and handling the interview so that you get to strut your stuff and persuade the interviewer that you are the most qualified candidate for the position.

The second and third group career development sessions will give you an opportunity to practice interviewing during the class. Target Audience: College graduates and college students (preferably Juniors and Seniors).

Contact Robin Roman Wright by e-mail to obtain additional details about the group career coaching session: Market Yourself Group Coaching Program –

2. “First Impressions: Making the Best Impression in Your First 3 Months on the Job”

  • Gain tools for learning your job
  • Develop effective techniques for communicating with your manager and your colleagues
  • Become independent and skillful quicker than your manager expects!

Learning on-the-job requires different skills than learning in school. This career coaching group is for any person 20 – 29 who wants to learn a new job quickly and demonstrate competence in his or her first three months. The career development group will blend learning new approaches for acquiring workplace knowledge and problem solving together around each member’s specific performance and learning requirements at work.

Learn what to ask for from managers and peers.

Learn how to best communicate so that you appear competent rather than “needy.”

A Center for Workforce Development study confirmed 78% of learning your job is derived from on-the-job training. (At some companies, that’s probably closer to 95%.)

Most learning doesn’t come from the manager; it comes from peers who share their knowledge with you about how to get the job done.

Contact Robin Roman Wright by e-mail to obtain additional details about the group career development session: First Impressions –